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Harry Potter RPG Icons

Icon requests, help and identification for your RPGs

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This community has been put together to help you better iconize your Harry Potter RPG characters.

Please DO:
-Ask for advice on who to use for your character's icon.
-Post links to pictures or pictures (behind a lj-cut) of any person you'd like to use but need to identify.
-Request an icon be made of a certain picture (linked to, or behind an lj-cut) for use in your RPG.
-Post icons which would be appropriate for RPG use. (lj-cut, if you have more than three.)

Please do NOT:

-Ask about other fandom RPGs
-Advertise your RPG
-Be disrespectful of anyone
-Bring your conflicts here
-Post icons which would be inappropriate for RPG use.
-Post to say your icons are cool, unless you don't mind people saving them and using them. :p